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Kalinin Maksim AleksandrovichDeрuty commander for staff relations, Military unit 84680 (Kovylkino, Russia),  

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Background. At the modern stage, the development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is aimed at improvement of qualitative indicators of combat readiness and national defense, protection of its political and economic interests. All of that is impossible without efficient social protection of servicemen themselves their families, as the modernization of basic elements of formation and functioning of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation stipulates the implementation of new requirements for the military social sphere. Therefore, the aim of this work is to identify social problems and needs of contract servicemen.
Materials and methods. In order to investigate the social problems and needs of contract servicemen a sociological research was conducted in the Western Military District of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, resulting in obtaining materials (297 profiles) that served as the basis for this scientific research.
Results. The results of the questionnaire have revealed the unmet needs of servicemen, attractive aspects of the military service, as well as allowed to establish a correlation between the material interest of the respondents and the levels of satisfaction with the corresponding parameter of servicemen in social groups, proving correctness of the study.
Conclusions. The research of social indicator groups, identified in the article, has made it possible to evaluate the efficiency of organizational measures set out in the Strategy for Social Development of the Russian Armed Forces. It is imperative to use the results of the poll of servicemen and their families as the initial information source for the strategy realization monitoring to secure key satisfaction conditions of their life, thus complementing the qualitative social indicators of “garrison’s social portrait”. For this purpose it is necessary to conduct such surveys on a regular basis at least once a year.

Key words

questionnaire, social group, indicators of satisfaction, social development, content analysis

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